Monday, June 06, 2011

The Awesome Science of Luck by Peter Ragnar

"How I Found the Hidden Science of Luck"

Dear friend,

You probably know by now, I love to read. In fact, if you could see the untold thousands of books in my library, you might think me crazy! But there are a couple of books that would probably jump off the shelf and run like a mouse if you came in the room.

When I found them, well, it was like I smelled them was dark, dank, and musty in the back of the old antique shop. I felt like Indiana Jones feeling his way through a cave. The rare book dealer said, "Go ahead and sort through the boxes, but handle them carefully." Slowly, ever so slowly, I turned the yellowed pages as they crackled in the dim light.

"I began to tremble at what I was reading."....
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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Power of Intention

Peter Ragnar is an internationally renowned best selling author, mentalist, martial artist, as well as a health & longevity pioneer. He continues to empower and transform the lives of millions people--just like you. To learn more about Peter's phenomenal insights visit Roaring Lion Publishing.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Easily Extend Your Lifespan

Ancient Longevity Acupoint Revealed
In my dog-eared, highlighted, underlined, and autographed copy of The Immortal Cell by Dr. Michael West, he states, "Subsequent research showed that the aging of cells was linked to cell division, not time itself. In other words, the mere passage of time, or the normal machinery of life we call metabolism, did not move the hands of the clock of aging. The clock ticked only when the cells divided."

Dr. West was the founder of a group of scientists that became Geron Corporation, the leading biotech company that discovered the immortal cells in the bone marrow called stem cells. What emerged from their research was the telomerase theory of aging. Telomeres (pronounced “tee-low-meers”) are sequences of nucleic acids that extend from the ends of chromosomes. This is much like the little plastic cap or sleeve on the end of your shoelace. When this cap breaks off, the end of the lace frays and becomes pretty much useless.

Every time your cells divide, your telomeres shorten. This leads to cell damage, which destroys the usefulness of the cell. Cellular death is another way of saying aging. The good news is that scientists have now discovered an "immortalizing enzyme" called telomerase. While it appears in cancer and germ cells, keeping these cells alive, it can also keep healthy cells from dying. Telomerase can repair and replace damaged or shortened telomeres. Telomerase can manipulate and reset the clock that affects the lifespan of dividing cells. Scientists are discovering how to use nanotechnology to trigger vastly extended life spans for humans. Once again, telomerase is the enzyme that keeps the telomeres from shortening.

This is exciting, but long ago the ancients discovered secret acupoint locations on the human body that were found to greatly extend the human life span. When I first published my findings in The LifeWave Phenomenon, I received harsh criticism for including an account of an alleged 242-year-old man and his 221-year-old wife that I found in A Study of Daoist Acupuncture by Liu Zheng-Cai. What my critics have ignored are the scientific studies by researchers in New York in 1988 (Omura et al.), cited by Dr. Shui Yin Lo in his book The Biophysics for Acupuncture and Health. “Found that acupuncture on ST 36 on normal subjects increased the telomere levels up to a maximum of 2 times their telomere levels before treatment. Frequently increases were between 60% to 100%."

Well, let's see: if you consider a normal lifespan to be 80 years and you could add two times that by extending the life of the telomeres, that would be 240 years of age. So, if the telomerase theory of aging is correct, and the immortal cell discovery by Geron Corp. and Dr. West is correct, there is absolutely nothing to contradict the allegation of a person claiming to be 242 years old—except our astonishment and conditioned disbelief.

Maybe the account is true, and maybe it isn't—but several years ago, I began doing what the old man and his wife did. I burn mugwort cones on acupoint ST 36 right after I finish doing my Qi Gong. All this couple claimed to do was moxibustion on Stomach 36. Sound interesting to you?

However, with the new discoveries in nanotechnology, we can also use specifically designed informational molecular antennas that can be placed like a small Band-Aid on certain acupoints. David Schmidt, the founder of LifeWave, and myself have joined forces to write about the power of new nanotechnology breakthroughs in the use of the LifeWave patches, as well as our explorations into ear-whispered secrets of the ancients. Can we unlock the combination lock of human energy and aging? Stay tuned—The LifeWave Experience to a New You will soon be going to press.

Peter Ragnar is an internationally renowned health & longevity pioneer. He is also a best selling author, mentalist, martial artist. Peter continues to empower and transform the lives of millions people--just like you. To learn more about Peter's phenomenal insights go to

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Watcher

Peter Ragnar is an internationally renowned health & longevity pioneer. He is also a best selling author, mentalist, martial artist. Peter continues to empower and transform the lives of millions people--just like you. To learn more about Peter's phenomenal insights go to

Friday, November 10, 2006

The Art and Science of Physical Invincibility

Dear Friend,
I once saw an old farmer lift the rear end of a pickup truck and push it off the ice where it was spinning its wheels. He had never touched a weight in his life. But that’s nothing compared to the little old ladies who have performed the same feat in an emergency!

“Here’s another one for you to chew on…”
A nine-year-old boy playing on a construction site had an 1800-pound cast iron pipe roll onto him. As he struggled in the sand, a passerby who was a 56-year-old heart patient ran up and lifted the pipe off the boy's head. By the way, how’s your dead lift?

These are amazing and true accounts of superhuman strength performed by ordinary people. “You’ve got to be wondering as I once did – how can you tap into the source of such power? Oddly, the creation of such a mighty force does not require bulging muscles. If you will for a moment, consider a fire hose…”

When not in use, it is soft and pliable, but when water is flowing through it, not even the strongest of men can bend it. Actually, the body itself has twelve similar hoses, called meridians. You can consider these as internal rivers of energy that connect to your organs. Your internal water is an electrically and magnetically charged flow of liquid crystals on which the force of life travels.

“The ancients called this force Qi (Chi). The stronger the flow, the healthier and more vital you become.”

Your body also has eight storage locations that act as batteries for this power. Can you remember a time when your car’s battery didn’t have enough juice to turn over its engine? Well, I’m going to show you how you can supercharge your body’s engine to performance levels that you’ve only dreamed about until now.

“When NASA scientists discovered that an absence of exposure to the earth’s magnetic field results in a loss of bone density…”

They installed magnetic field generators in all manned spaceships. When your bone marrow shrinks and dies, so does your immune system and cell production. You can see why the experts place so much importance on magnetism. Do you know the earth has lost more than 90% of its original magnetism? Some researchers believe that if it loses much more, life on earth will become impossible. Do you think increasing your own physical magnetic field might be a good idea?

“The ancient Qi Gong masters recognized this impending reduction thousands of years ago.”

They designed exercises to combat this loss and employed magnetic lodestones. Additionally, these masters used "iron Qi balls" to heal and strengthen the body. Recently, I heard a Qi Gong master who was famous for her use of Empty Force state that "…this practice will make you seven times stronger than the average person." And that was without using Magnets and Iron ThunderBalls!

“This is why I use 12,500-Gauss Rare Earth Magnets embedded in our specially designed Magnetic ThunderBalls.”

For the first time, the secret is revealed in this step-by-step, easy-to-understand program. The Art and Science of Physical Invincibility will at last disclose how you can transform yourself from a mortal, disease-prone human into a super-being!

By Peter Ragnar

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Most Potent Healing Plant Chemicals - FREE!

Before the petrochemical drug culture existed, native peoples kept themselves alive and well with wild foods. The ancient Greek father of medicine Hippocrates stated, “Let food be your medicine.” Animals instinctively know which foods they should eat to heal their ailments. It's only modern-day humans who are in the dark. So, what do people do? They rely on doctors and pills instead of their own backyard.

Every time we are awakened by Mother Nature’s earth changes, be they hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, or floods, untold thousands scramble for safety. Most folks are flat-out clueless and totally unprepared for human survival. The sad and sobering evidence is that untold numbers of needless deaths can be prevented. How? Simply by accurate knowledge. But what do people do? They wait in vain for government agencies to come to the rescue.

The answer to safely surviving everything from a lockdown or quarantine of your town or city to a simple ice storm that could leave you and tens of thousands of your neighbors without electricity, water, or food is proper knowledge. This is why I've written Alive and Well with Wild Foods—A Raw Food Survival Guide.

Once you read just a few pages, you'll be able to find the most nutritious vitamin-packed and mineral-rich tasty foods right in your own backyard. The cost? Zero! Your survival and wild food knowledge will become priceless. In addition to this 445-page guide packed full of color photos, you'll receive a full-color wild food identification card deck of ninety cards. The cards are equipped with a ring through the corner so you don't have to worry about dropping them on the ground as you search for new delicacies. And as a bonus the book is packed with recipes.

You'll feel a new sense of confidence as you acquire urban and wilderness survival skills. Over the last 15 years, I had many conversations with my old buddy Chris Janowsky, the founder of the World Survival Institute in Tok, AK, to whom I dedicated this book. I got the chance to pick his brain about every aspect of human survival, and Chris was one of the world's best survival expert. Now you can be privy to the important information I gleaned from this legend of survival wisdom.

You'll also be rewarded by the tips and insights I picked up in the 1970s from Catfish, Man of the Woods. Even the Queen of England came to see him in his shack. But I had the opportunity to hear Catfish’s secrets as we walked around his place picking herbs during our many visits together. Now you will also be able to share in these herbal secrets.

The best part about this is the new sense of optimism, confidence, and security you'll experience as you turn the pages of this colorful book. I assure you, this is very juicy stuff, not just some dry technical text! Your emotions are about to take the ride of a lifetime. So, welcome aboard and get ready for a new way of winning—by returning to the old ways.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Amazing Peter Ragnar Confesses

Motivational speaker, magician, martial artist, author of over 20 books and courses on self-development sheds light on the science of winning. He is the author of The Awesome Science of Luck.

It was an early Sunday morning about a month ago. I had the radio on a Phoenix talk show station. For the next half-hour, I heard Peter explain how anyone could become lucky if they only knew how the science of luck worked. Science? He can't be serious. Does he know anything about poker?

Well, there he was again on Fox News reporting on the poker boom and plugging his book. It seems like Peter's been everywhere in the news lately. He's even been in Black Belt and Inside Kung Fu magazines six times talking about winning. Strange for a reclusive man who rarely leaves his estate!

I still don't know if he can play good no-limit poker. I haven't seen him on the world poker tour, but at least some who have say Ragnar's hit the jackpot in being one incredibly lucky guy. Poker king Charlie Shoten (author of No-Limit Life) just did a series of interviews with Peter about winning poker in a Vegas newspaper.

Reading Peter’s book, you get the impression that if you do what he does, it doesn't matter if it's cards, commodities, or condos—you're going to be amazingly lucky. Here's a guy who goes from being an unemployed construction worker to suddenly raking all the chips to his side of the table. He tells of falling from a 300-foot building, landing on an upside-down bucket, and walking away. Peter then has some stranger who’s about to go bankrupt give him a waterfront home and boat for $7,500. That's not a misprint! Ragnar then picks up a hundred acres for $3000 with a gas well and a fat royalty check. There's a story about a millionaire who offered Peter his white Rolls-Royce if he would share his secrets. Hey, how lucky can you get?

Ragnar swears luck is a science that can be learned. He enthusiastically believes that anyone can be a winner; it doesn't matter whether it's at the racetrack, the card table, or life. I love this guy's energy and so will you. Oh, his confession is -- he's never been to Vegas!

by Craig Rich

Friday, September 01, 2006

Conversation with Peter Ragnar in Poker Player Magazine

A continued conversation with Peter Ragnar, author of The Awesome Science of Luck, Peter is interviewed by: Charlie Shoten, author of No Limit Life

The concept that manifesting your deepest desires (LUCK) is a skill that can be learned has universal value in each and every aspect of our lives—not just our results at the poker table. In Chapter 4, you discuss how emotions power your dreams and those dreams paint pictures in your mind to give birth to reality in a most magical way. When I graduated college, I sold encyclopedias door-to-door, and the customer had little to do with the sale. When I pre-sold the books in my mind before I said hello, I always made the sale. Can you share some of the concepts that can help our readers learn to visualize and manifest their deepest desires?

Charlie, I believe we all have an inner knowing that, when we listen to it and act on it, makes things work out well for us. When we don't, it seems that the little voice inside get softer and softer until it's so faint we never hear it.

This is like the agency of our conscience. It has an innate natural sense of right and wrong. Not in the sense of the laws of convention handed down to us by others, but laws of the universe -- natural laws. It tells us when we are out of harmony and when we are aligned with natural law. Think of this as an inner compass—it can be deflected, but if you give it time to settle (much like your mind), it will once again point north. So our inner knowing, like our conscience, is the same. Now, when we resist listening and refuse to follow this in-tutor or internal teacher, our intuition dies.

Think of your intuition as a triangle-shaped object. When everything is right in your world, it spins and hums along effortlessly. However, every time you resist and get stubborn with it or block its spinning, a few pieces get nicked off. Now, at this point, your consciousness should say "ouch!" But if you continue to ignore those warning pains and more of the points are chipped off, your intuition will become so smooth that you can't tell what it's trying to tell you. Once you break your inner compass, you're lost.

If you have no identifiable major purpose, no clear-cut goals, and no vivid dreams for the future, you don't need a map and a compass is useless. But when your goals and reasons for being are crystal-clear and your dream for the future is alive and well, your intuition has a purpose. It will beep loudly if you veer off the road you have set for yourself, like the GPD or OnStar device I have in my new Cadillac. As I get close to a turn that will take me to my destination, a voice will come on and say, "Get ready to make a right turn at..." It might as well say, "Stop at this house, they want to buy your new book."

The universal laws of energy and attraction are always at work to help us achieve our deepest hopes and dreams. You say, "What you want wants you and is rushing to meet you!" Blocking our efforts to create positive pictures in our minds is the debris (baggage) we all carry that distracts us and can cause us to create negative pictures. How can we get in the flow of those universal laws and begin to ride them to victory at the poker table? You say in The Awesome Science of LUCK, "Now is the time to give birth to a magic genie that can grant all your wishes. Now's the time to change your luck!" We all would like our own magic genie. How do we start to go about getting one?

Again, Charlie, it’s just like your sister Fran: when she became scared of her seemingly magical talent, it appeared to disappear. The luck genie is locked or bottled up in your mind, and your thoughts are the cork. When you pop the cork, your doubts and fears vanish, releasing the genie from inside.

Only now can you play with confidence and ease, knowing (not thinking or wishing) that the cards you want are right now being dealt—to you. "What you want wants you and is rushing to meet you" is not a thinking process as much as it is listening with confidence to your inner coach.

Your subconscious mind has already figured all the odds and registered all the cards that have been played. It’s all a mathematical and rational process—very computer-like. This is why in my Money Magic course, I titled one of the DVDs "Intuition -- The Lightning Bolt of Reason." You see, the more familiar you are with the game of poker and the more you play it, the more it becomes a living, breathing thing that talks to you. Like I've said, the more you know about any subject, the luckier you become, because your familiarity and association are constantly giving you clues.

Being 100% responsible for everything in my life is something I work toward. The words I say, the thoughts I think, and the efforts I make are all my own responsibility. Can you explain how visualizing what we desire manifests it, and how we can learn and practice this skill?

Charlie, I hold to the opinion that thoughts are things; they are magnetic in quality. The stronger the thought, be it a hope or fear, the stronger the attraction field it radiates. You get what you set in your mind’s eye. This is why I caution, never say anything about yourself that you do not sincerely want to come true!

Yes, we are all 100% responsible for the thoughts we choose to think and their resultant reality being manifested. Soon all the visualized and emotionalized mental images become alive. Here's an important point: it's not just seeing, it's a matter of loading the visualization with emotion. The emotion is magnetic. Imagine and recreate the emotion of holding a royal flush. If you can, you're well on your way to building castles with your chips.

In Chapter 5, "Pay Attention to the Signs," you discuss serendipity. It is the knack of finding treasures you may not have been looking for consciously. How can we increase serendipity in our lives? Is there a process?

Serendipity, the knack of finding treasures we may not have been consciously looking for, can be summed up in an affirmation I gave my seminar audience: "I believe something wonderful is going to happen to me today!"

If you make this your very first thought as you awaken in the morning, you will set your day off with a positive note. Later in the day you may have forgotten your morning affirmation, but your subconscious mind hasn't. Your subconscious mind will ring the bell and alert you -- "Look! There's a $10 bill lying on the sidewalk. Look! There's your parking spot right up front by the door. Look! There's a piece of land with a new sale sign being placed in front..."

Serendipity is opportunity in disguise. It all depends on whether or not you notice. What allows your notice? It is expectation. If you expect good things to happen to you, what kind of attitude will you hold? Why, an optimistic one, of course. Your attitude creates your expectation. Your expectation creates your serendipity that provides you with unexpected opportunities that enrich your life.

Charlie, it's just like how you and I got together in Poker Player. Someone gave you a copy of my book, and you gave me yours. When I read your book and saw the beautiful color photos, I said to myself, "Something wonderful is going to happen to me today!" Guess what? It did.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Interview with Peter Ragnar in Poker Player Magazine

Conversation with Peter Ragnar, author of The Awesome Science of Luck,
Peter’s interviewed by: Charlie Shoten, author of No Limit Life

Peter, I've got to tell you about an experience my sister and I had many years ago. We were playing a game of cards. Fran took a newly mixed deck and without looking at any of the cards, said “four of clubs.” She lifted the top card, and it was the four of clubs. She repeated this nine more times and said the number and suit of each card correctly for eight of the next nine times. She said this scared her and she never told anyone about it. She also said she'd tried to do it again, but, but never was able to. I was very young, and it didn't make much of an impression on me. I had totally forgotten about it. She was reminded of it yesterday, July 4, after she read our previous article in Poker Player.

I am convinced we can see beyond seeing and hear beyond hearing, as you say in The Awesome Science of LUCK. Peter, even if you hadn't totally convinced me, my sister sure did. My sister is the kind of person that needs to see it to believe it, so this is a very strong example for me. I was there. The question that I have for you is, why did this ability suddenly appear and then go away forever?

Charlie, does the earth go away simply because we are flying above the clouds? No, of course not. From our seat in the plane, we simply can't see it. Take any activity we engage in, from playing poker to catching a ball. There are 10,000 things taking place around us, yet they go unnoticed because our attention is on the present moment’s activity. Suddenly, we have a fog bank blocking what might be considered distractions to our focus. This is helpful so that we stay focused and don't drop the ball.

Our ability to see didn't go away; our mind simply blocked what it considered irrelevant to the moment. However, by using “soft” focus and letting our thought chemicals settle, we not only sense but see in our mind’s eye unusual and seemingly unrelated clues. The clues can cause strong urgings to play our hand a certain way. The more relaxed we become, the more clues we receive and the more we win—not only at the table, but in life.

Our minds unconsciously pick out and store millions of clues during our entire lives. But to keep us from going into sensory overload, these clues are blocked from the conscious mind. This frees the conscious mind to concentrate on the task at hand. However, once the conscious mind relaxes and thoughts begin falling away, it's like clouds breaking up; suddenly you're able to see with amazing clarity. In those brief moments, you will know the cards like your sister Fran. But the second a doubt or fear appears, the clouds come in and the seeing is lost.

So, for Fran, her ability didn't disappear. It didn't go away any more than the earth has vanished. The trick with this natural talent that all of us possess is that thinking about it makes it go into hiding. Only when it knows we're not looking will it suddenly appear.

to be continued...Check out The Awesome Science of Luck here

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How to Build Muscle on a Raw Food Diet!

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Moonlight Doesn't Wet the Water

The Search for the Jade Spring Immortal

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China, 1943
“When you try too hard, it becomes business;
when you don’t, it becomes art.”

The old man’s eyes were all I could remember when we first met on the mountain trail. I was only seventeen at the time I bumped into him. Well, actually, I didn’t even see him—I was picking blackberries for my mother.

“Dragons live on the mountain,” he said. His voice was smooth and deep. Startled, I jumped, catching my sleeve on the thorny briars. As I tried to tear myself loose, I fell forward toward the stranger, but he was elusive as air. Just when I was about to hit the dirt, he picked me up from behind, laughing in a way my father never laughed. It made me feel funny inside. Not funny like a joke—no, I guess sort of strange. Like he was someone I knew but couldn’t remember.....
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